About Us- Endless Fashions LLC

My Name is Sherliecia Lucas, owner of Endless Fashions LLC and aspiring community leader. I was born in Seattle, WA and currently reside in Tacoma, WA. I am married with two handsome sons, King David and Royal. My kids bring joy into my life daily. In an entrepreneurial journey, times get rough and I sometimes get weary. Luckily, I have these kids who smile and laugh so much that the energy becomes contagious. They give me the push to continue on.

Endless Fashions LLC is just one of the many outlets I put my skills into. I am also an assistant staff member to the CEO of One Famm Music Group and a member of Street Plug DJs. I do specialized work as a private event planner for select customers on a referral basis. I am also a licensed marriage officiant.

My ultimate goal is to be a leader in my community. The events section of the site will always be updated with upcoming events that my team and I are presenting. In every venture, we make it a point to help the community. We provide safe, fun events for people in our community to attend and have a good time. In addition to that, Endless Fashions LLC has become a platform for upcoming designers to showcase their products for everyone to enjoy! I have a personal relationship with every vendor I meet and work with, local artist, and a multitude of business men and women.

I want people to KNOW ME, To LIKE ME, AND TO TRUST ME. I am always open and available to conversation with anyone. I often become a listening ear to those who want to vent in confidence. I strive to make myself available. I urge you to feel free to contact me at any time for questions, concerns, advice or ideas. If you see me in person, say "Hi!" I would love to get to know you!

Enjoy shopping in our store. Leave honest reviews. Share with your friends.

Most of all remember to Be You, Boldly!